Life is cheap

Ten days ago, just a few days before the the 10th anniversary of 9/11, there was a terrorist attack in New Delhi. The latest one in a string of so many that we have started losing count now. It happened outside the high court. Some were young law students going in for their internship, many were there for a hearing of their case which they probably had been fighting for years in a hope to get justice. I wonder if they will ever get justice now.

Hearing the stories of these victims on TV is so painful I don’t even want to watch the news anymore.  It’s hard to imagine how painful it is for people who lost their lives, their limbs, their loved ones in a snap, just like that, because some crazy fanatic decided to play god.

My father is a survivor of one of these terrorist attacks that happened a couple of decades ago. He was amongst the few lucky ones who survived a blind gunfire on the people traveling in a bus at night. He came home the next morning, still in shock and his clothes covered with blood. Physically, he was unharmed. I was too young to understand anything. Now when I think about it, replay in my mind the story of that night that he has told us so many times, I try to think of what the unsuspecting victims of such violent acts and their families go through. How do they get over losing a family member like that or having to live with the horrific memories of people dying around you, falling on top of each other, covered with each others blood.

We were lucky that my father came back home that day. I don’t know what our lives would have been like if he hadn’t. I would have become a completely different person in a different place, most likely not writing this blog post. People pray for peace on earth. I do too. I pray for the leaders of my country to wake up one day and do something about it instead of just condemning these attacks when they happen. Safety is the most basic right of a citizen. If a government cannot protect its people and keep them safe, why is it even there? I also pray for the victims and their families, no matter where they are in the world – India, US, Pakistan or elsewhere, that they find the strength to deal with it. And for us common people, who can do nothing but pray and try to raise our kids to be honest, aware individuals so that they can grow into honest leaders with a conscience.