Time to say goodbye

One of the most amazing views, one of the most beautiful songs I have seen/heard (even though I do not understand most of it).

Location: Bellagio, Las Vegas. Time: Around Christmas, 2006


Just a song

I have a lot to write about but did not have the tempo to write this weekend. Instead, here’s a video of one of my favorite songs of all time. It is from a Hindi movie called ‘Swades’, which means ‘my country’.

Swades is the story of a NASA scientist who goes back home to visit the woman who brought him up. He goes to her village, spends some time there and gets to know the people and their problems. Now he’s back at NASA but can’t stop thinking about the people. He wants to go back and make a difference in their lives, and eventually ends up doing that in the movie.

I love this song. Never fails to bring tears to my eyes. It is especially close to my heart because I also see flashes from memory just like the actor in this song does, and have some similar reasons for wanting to go back.


The video quality is not so good, but it has English subtitles! I hope you enjoy watching it.