Then you are alive.. toh zinda ho tum

I’m going through an acute bout of writer’s block. The kind when you want to write about a lot of stuff but cannot seem to find the words or the momentum, and just end up staring at the blank computer screen for hours.

So while I try to get the tempo back, for those of you interested in poetry, here’s a piece that’s one of my favorites and something I’ve wanted to share since some time.

This is actually from a Hindi movie (movie version at the end of the post) that is about living life to the fullest and letting go of inhibitions, fears and regrets because you only get to live once!

The English translation is inspired by Ammu from her blog The Lively Moments.

Here it goes:

If you are carrying restlessness in your heart, then you are alive
If you are carrying the lightning of dreams in your eyes, then you are alive

Learn to live free like the wind
Learn to go with the flow of waves like a river
Embrace every moment with open arms
Let your eyes see a new view every moment

If you are carrying wonder in you eyes, then you are alive
If you are carrying restlessness in your heart, then you are alive


I’m proud of you because…

Haven’t all parents said this to their children at some point? Maybe not in the same words, but the underlying meaning is the same. I’m proud of you because you were good. I’m proud of you because you got such good grades. I’m proud of you because you played well. You get the idea.

I say that to Vivaan too sometimes. He has been learning karate since last 3 months now and is doing much better than when he started. ‘Better’ is of course a relative term. In this case it means he listens to the sensei 90% of the time, does not stop in the middle of the class to stare at what other kids are doing, play with his belt or worse, with the much more interesting stuff inside his nose (it did happen once)!

Since he is doing better now, I try to encourage him by telling him after class that I’m proud of him for doing such and such. But every time I do that, a small voice inside me tells me not to. After all, isn’t a parent’s love (and pride in the child) supposed to be unconditional? Regardless of his ‘performance’ in various arenas, regardless of what the society’s standards of being ‘good’ are, should I not always be proud of him? Then why do I subconsciously  tell him that I will only be proud of him when he meets those standards – which may not even be the same as my own.

It is commonly said that a parent’s, especially a mother’s love for a child is unconditional. From what I perceive, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. From the minute they are born, we start expecting from them – that they will return our love, do well in school and sports, be nice to others, and in general, grow up to be ‘successful’ adults. If there is so much expectation, the love cannot be unconditional, can it? We may say that we want all this for their own good, but the truth is that we want them to fit in and meet all the benchmarks our society has created for them. So that we can be proud of being parents of achieving, successful children.

So next time, I will keep all of this in mind when I tell my son that I am proud of him. Instead of feeling a little let-down when he is always last in the little warm-up race they have before karate, I will be proud that he is the only kid who runs carefully so that he doesn’t step on other children’s toes. And I will tell him that and mean it too. Because it doesn’t matter if he turns out to be just an average or below-average achiever by society’s standards, I will always be crazy proud of him for being who he is.

As long as he doesn’t send me to an old people’s home…


Go to this link to read the article. Don’t forget the video at the end.

What do you think? Is it racist?

I think it is hilarious… especially the bollywood dance move.. and he pulled it off really well :)

A classic example, in my opinion, of how overuse of a word (racism in this case), undermines the real and serious episodes of that phenomenon that caused real harm.

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I write mostly for myself; because it brings a strange kind of peace to my mind that few other things do. But it still feels good to see this!

Thank you all for listening, and an even bigger thank you to those who inspired me to do this!