Take a deep breath

Nothing much to write today. Just wanted to share a Yoga technique with everyone. The technique is called ‘Pranayam’ and involves an activity we all do every single minute – breathing. Pranayam is nothing but the art of breathing right.

My mother studies Naturopathy and Yoga and she truly believes Pranayam can cure (or at least prevent) any illness. Even though I have my doubts about that, I have practiced Pranayam from time to time (although not as frequently as I should), and feel the benefits instantly. I cannot say anything about the physical benefits since I have never tried it consistently enough. But it sure helps me focus my thoughts, brings much-needed peace to a mind full of thoughts and working overtime all the time and makes me feel better generally. The beauty of it is that although a certain posture and environment is preferable, it can be done while sitting on your work chair, in the car (if you’re in the passenger seat) or anywhere else if you can spare just a few minutes. So I thought – why not share it with everyone and help people reap the benefits if they want to give it a try!

There is already so much information on the internet that I can be lazy and just provide links. If you already know about and/or practice Pranayam, please ignore this post :)

For a detailed definition of Pranayam, you can visit its wikipedia page. For a list of the benefits, go here (highly recommended). Finally, to learn about the various Pranayam techniques and how to practice them, you can start by watching the introductory video below which will lead you to more videos by the same lady. I think she does a really good job of explaining this stuff. If you can get past the initial disclaimer stuff, I promise you will like it. Enjoy breathing!



8 thoughts on “Take a deep breath

  1. Agree to the benefits this practice bring along, specially for energizing the inner self… Well you have really encouraged me to go back to this…

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