That time again

I had to write this post right now. I am at work, sitting on my desk, deeply touched and speechless. A colleague who I don’t know very well but do chat with sometimes, said that if I didn’t mind, she would like to say a prayer for me and my family before we travel. Of course I didn’t mind. Who would mind an act of kindness like that? Then she proceeded to say the prayer. It’s hard to explain in words how it felt. All the anxiety that I had about this long travel, especially because of an incident with my son the last time that resulted in a trip to ER and us missing the connecting flight , just vanished as she said her prayer. It made me believe that everything will be alright. More than that, it is comforting to know that there are people who look beyond all the differences and treat me just the way they would treat a friend or a member of their family.

It may seem like something very small, but small things like this matter a lot when you are far far away from the place and the people who identify you. When someone goes out of their way, to shovel your driveway (that has 12 inches of snow, by the way) without even telling you because they know that you are alone at home with an infant and don’t have a clue about shovelling snow from driveways, or when they literally make you ride with them to the airport so you don’t have to park your car at the airport for a month. These are the things that are appreciated and remembered forever and we are thankful for having such people around us.

Incidents like these make me believe that you don’t have to go anywhere to find God. God is inside the people around you only if you care to look deep enough.


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