Introducing my brand new blog

‘Amreeka’ is how people in a certain part of India refer to America as. In that part of the country, some people could be so obsessed with the idea of making it big (or even small) in this land of dreams and opportunities, that they sometimes name their sons ‘Amreek’, possibly in the hope that he will somehow live up to his name and go to Amreeka one day.

So this blog is about how an Indian sees Amreeka, about our hopes and aspirations, challenges and struggles, the void in our hearts which somehow starts filling when we are sitting in a plane looking at the flight map every two minutes to see the little airplane inch closer to the place we call home, no matter where we live in the world.

It is also about things we love about Amreeka and Amreekis. Things that we would miss dearly when we go back home and talk about years later. “In 2011, when I was in America…”.  Things that we don’t love so much, will not miss when we go back but will still talk about years later.

It is all in good fun, and more than that, it is a memoir of my life in Amreeka, the people I got to know, and the friendships I will miss when I go back home to the place which is and will always be my favourite place on earth.


4 thoughts on “Introducing my brand new blog

  1. The first post looks nice.I liked your view point about the flight is an interesting way to put it.And nice to read that you wish to come back to India some day..most Indians just dont want to and they actually flaunt the fact that they are in US

  2. This is surely gonna be something interesting and it feels like someone is going to word my feelings and experiences as well and the things that I lived in amreeka… and this thing about looking at the map every two minutes to count the distance between the two places is so much similar here…looking forward to ur next post

  3. Thanks all for the encouraging words. Ketan – I do understand now why people do not want to go back after living here for years. It is not an easy decision to make and if it works well for somebody, more power to them!

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